Introduction - Laboratory for Radio-Communications

The Laboratory for Radio-Communications enables the performance of laboratory exercises in the basic cycle of studies, as well as scientific research work in II and III cycle of studies. In this Laboratory are holded exercises for the following courses: Basics of Communications, Basics of Telecommunications 1 and 2, Radio Communications, Basics of Radio Location and Navigation, Antennas and Radio Wave Propagation, and partially laboratory exercises in Microwave Technology. The laboratory is equipped with modern laboratory instruments such as: Agilent EXA Signal Analyzer N9010A 10Hz-3.6GHz, DSO-X 3024A Digital Storage Oscilloscope, HP Audio Analyzer 30Hz-100kHz, HP 8202 Measuring Receiver 150 kHz-1300MHz, MXG Vector Signal Generator 9kHz 3GHz, Agilent Network Analyzer E5061B 100kHz-1.5GHz, HP 3326A Two Channel Synthesizer, ScienTech 2261 antenna trainer, air chamber (Heraeus VOTSCH G-7460) for testing temperature-demanding (professional) devices, Faraday cage, as well as many other accessories and devices.