Introduction - Laboratory for Telecommunications

The laboratory for telecommunications is equipped with modern devices that enable the realization of laboratory exercises within courses in all three cycles of studies, as well as for the realization of scientific research projects. The Laboratory has a DVB-T2 transmitter and receiver for digital television signal transmission, as well as appropriate software for network simulations, and a hardware platform for the development of IoT applications. Also, the Laboratory uses devices for measuring the reflection coefficient of radio waves propagating along the transmission line, as well as following: Agilent CSA Spectrum Analyzer (100kHz-3GHz), Agilent 33500B Series Waveform generator, Agilent N9310A RF Signal Generator 9kHz-3GHz, Agilent CXA Signal Analyzer N9000A 9kHz-3GHz, Agilent Infini Vision DSO-X 3024A Digital Storage Oscilloscope 200MHz (4GSa / s), FM Stereo / FM-AM Signal Generator 1100. The laboratory has two portable antenna and cable performance testers, ie. measuring instruments for standard measurements and applications in the frequency range from 25MHz to 4GHz. Furthurmore, testing and standardized measurements in telecommunication networks (standards G.703 (2Mb / s), G.821, G.826, etc.) are enabled using JDSU SmartClass E1 devices.


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